Laura Bush, William S. Burroughs, Robert Blake and Matthew Broderick are some of celebrities who ever killed someone and some is currently in prison for charging their mistakes.

 Celebrities Ever Killed Someone


Laura Bush

The wife of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, Laura Bush was the First Lady of the United States from 2001 to 2009. Not everybody knows at the age of 17, Laura Bush killed her classmate in 1963. At the night after a thunderstorm on November 5, 1963, Laura was driving east on Farm Road 868 in her hometown of Midland to a cinema. At a dangerous intersection, she allegedly failed to see Mike Douglas, also 17, heading south on State Road 369. Laura admitted on his book that at that time, she was traveling with her best friend named Judy Dykes and allegedly chatting about clothes, collided with Douglas’ jeep. He was thrown from the vehicle and broke his neck, dying instantly. “It was a terrible accident.”

At 17, the former First Lady did not see a stop sign, continued to run her car and crashed into another car killing its driver, who was her classmate

Laura Bush and her boyfriend Mike Douglas at high school


Don King

Don King killed two different men in his younger days as the leader of a gambling ring in Cleveland, Ohio


Matthew Broderick

This American actor was ever charged with “careless driving” which came with an $ 175 fine because Matthew Broderick veered into the other lane and crashed head on with another car killing the driver


Adlai Stevenson

 Celebrities Ever Killed Someone

In 1913, at the age of 12, former two-time Presidential was handling a 22 caliber rifle at a Christmas party and accidentally shot and killed 12-year-old Ruth Merwin


William S. Burroughs

The American famed writer accidentally shot and killed his wife Joan Vollmer in Mexico City in 1951 during a drunken game of William Tell.

William S. Burroughs


Robert Blake

On May 4, 2001, actor Robert Blake’s wife was shot and killed while sitting in a car outside a Studio City, California restaurant while he was inside the restaurant at the time. Almost a year later, Blake was arrested and charged with murder.

However, in November 2005, Blake was found liable in a California civil court for her wrongful death



The American singer once hit the car, killing the driver in front of her. After that, Brandy took full responsibility for the accident


Jayson Williams

In 2010, the American former professional basketball player finally admitted guilty to assault in the shooting death of a limousine driver.

Jayson Williams is currently serving a six-year prison sentence


Top Stars Ever Killed Someone: Jayson Williams serves a five-year sentence


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