The History of Hale Bob

It was 9 years ago, in 2000, when native Moroccan Daniel Bohbot visited Los Angeles for the first-time. As somebody who had years experience in the fashion industry, he was instantly drawn to the designs watched on California celebrities. They dressed in a sexy technique that came across as glamorous, yet especially individualistic. Bohemian designs and beads were prevalent. Bohbot was shortly inspired to begin his own line of clothing and include these terrific looks.

In 2001 he returned to Paris and exhorted Marc, his brother, to aid him open his own shape company and Hale Bob was born. Unique L.A. fashion may today be brought to the masses. Bohbot wasn’t content to remain in Paris, though. He instantly decided that California was the region for he and his brother, the founder of Bisou Bisou, to forever set up store.

Because he thus liked the fashion of the Hollywood stars, Bohbot called his organization for stars; in this case those in the sky like the Halle Bop comet. His designs might result in the average female resemble a star. The initial garments he offered were sexy blouses that paired conveniently with a jeans and perfect for the club scene. From there, the rest of his line took off.

The Unique Features of Hale Bob Clothing

Hale Bob clothing is conveniently recognizable. The pieces are sexy and chic and incorporate vivid hues, cultural patterns, and fabulous details including bodice borders and beading. Additionally to dresses and tops, the brand additionally involves boots, sandals, and shoes. Bohbot is well-known for utilizing wealthy materials like velvet and silk. Many of his garments feature silk of some type or the alternative, normally Charmeuse or chiffon.

You need to love to stand out within the crowd in purchase to wear Hale Bob designs.

They are especially crafted for a girl who is sexy, confident, and sophisticated; a female who desires the attention of everyone who looks her means. These extremely feminine garments are the most wonderful choice for clubbing or attending a big party.

A female who likes a distinctive look and dressing in the newest styles usually enjoy Hale Bob designs. You are able to resemble a star and feel like a star anytime you don among the romantic, feminine pieces within the newest Hale Bob collection.