With Thanksgiving going on, celebrities including Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber had transmitted their ideal desires to fast fans available via Twitter and a few of them took it a small step ahead and shared their escapades during the festivity season.

“#HappyThanksgiving from this Canadian. I may write a complete book suggesting all that Im #thankful four…but allow me only state that every modern day is another blessing,” Bieber wrote. Gomez, in the meantime, tweeted, “Happy thanksgiving everyone. I can’t even describe how thankful I am for y’all! Love you.”

“Happy Thanksgiving! I am thus thankful for all you!” Kim posted her desires. The 30-year-old TV icon later shared about her Thanksgiving gathering, composing “We ate too much! RT @KendallJenner really ate thus much food with my complete fam! that food was amazing! 😀 thanksgiving is the number one!!”

George Lopez added, “Happy Thanksgiving! Need a last minute Turkey recipe? I got this!” before linking to movie for you to create “smokin’ poultry recipe” from his pal Sylvester Stallone. As for Ashley Greene, who newly visited George on his show “Lopez Tonight”, additionally shared hers.

“I’m thankful for this yummy yummy Thanksgiving Dinner with my loved ones,” Ashley tweeted and posted a pic of the eating table that has food served on it. “Jersey Shore” star Snooki wrote hers, “Happy thanksgiving everyone!! Love your day with your loved ones :)”

“Had a fabulous day w the family -Happy Thxgiving tweeples -Im thus thankful 2 have all u as my neighbors,” Jessica Alba delivered her right desires. Scarlett Johansson moreover felt blessed for the event, composing “Just had some Thanksgiving food. It’s absolutely good to have a family dinner where everyone really gets along for when. xoxo – SJ.”

“Don’t take anything nor anybody for granted, because 1 day it may not be there. Happy Thanksgiving,” Scarlett continued. “Hope you have a beautiful day. Be thankful for what you have; not bitter for what you don’t.”

Those were a few of the messages delivered by celebrities to fans available, thus what are your desires to your other neighbors or member of the family? Post them here, we’ll be happy to find it.