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operators into the mobile terminal
Cellular Phone Jammeradopts the slow-start circuit design. China Unicom CDMA in order to ensure the promotion and had to personally save the market, to underwrite the way to the cell phone manufacturers purchase large quantities of CDMA handsets to supply the market. To promote China Mobile GPRS services, but also to Eastcom, Motorola and other one-time purchase of more than one million GPRS handsets. China Mobile is in the Ministry of Information Industry recently passed laws and regulations, to get a cell phone license sales, and is ready to officially entered China’s cell phone channels.

Act as a new force, increasing the operator’s cell phone channels to join the competition and complexity. Domestic brands to international brands to win greater market share, it needs more channels to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity. The slow-start circuit design of Cellular Phone Jammercan effectively avoid the sparking phenomenon when switching on cell phone jammer .

5 supermarkets and other cell phone has become increasingly prominent market position

Gome, Suning Appliance stores added to the cell phone market cell phone retail market has brought a revolutionary change in the original mobile home appliance chain store sales channels have a fundamental impact. Its wide coverage, purchase a large amount of operating flexibility and other advantages, the traditional cell phone dealers can not match. But cell phone manufacturers take into account the interests of traditional channels, are merely part of the model home appliance chain store underwriting, temporary relief from the conflict.

mobile phone jammer selects the integrated circuit of high performance.

Otherwise it may result in the rapid expansion of the hypermarket channel rapidly replacing the original case agent. China’s cell phone channels to the channel members of the new trend is not only brought new development opportunities, but also a challenge for those disadvantaged channel members, how to improve their strength and gain a competitive advantage in the channel structure will continue to develop its basis; For those members present at the edge of the channel, how to take the initiative to adjust the channel, the combination of the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness and to find its balance point is its enhanced strength, the key to establishing the status of channels. Cellular Phone Jammer has the high quality and stable performance.

If a stylish full-keyboard phones, equipped with 3 inch wide touch screen and built-in nowadays the most popular SNS social networking sites and rich client applications, the price is only one thousand yuan, that you are not only appear in the TV shopping, cottage or mobile counter? However, it is the world’s top three cell phone manufacturers LG,’s new “social camp” GT350 phone. From this “high cost”, “content rich” behind the product, LG has further consolidated its leadership position in the young fashion market, the more planning. Cellular Phone Jammerutilizes 902 M VCO and surface-mounted device.

September 17, LG Electronics Mobile Communications in China Ren Weiguang, vice president at the theme of “subversion of the traditional social ? seamless communication” high-end mobile Internet forum for dialogue, his hands GT350 immediately became the focus of many media . Also led to the honored guests, all net, senior director of wireless business Wu Jiang, general manager Wang Gaofei Sina wireless and other Internet industry leaders, and Internet applications for mobile SNS heated discussions. In the eyes of experts, one popular online applications will be the appearance of LG cell phones in the fashion, rich configuration, but also a major bargaining chip to gain market favor.

And GT350 phone to ask the city over the same period a total of 5 young and stylish appearance, the main features of the new mobile social networking cell phones. They are sweet series of cell phones under LG’s “cookies” and “school” family. The series is the LG sweet years of painstaking efforts, specifically for young people to create a fashion phone line. As previously LG’s star product “chocolate”, “ice cream”, “lollipop” cell phone, the latest of “cookies” and “social group” products, once listed, they quickly captured the hearts of young consumers. Compared to other cell phone manufacturers, and doing the “dessert” of the LG seems to know how young people’s preferences. mobile phone jammer adopts the imported and full-automatic surface-mounted equipment.
LG insight into the growth in demand for mobile SNS is to add a little dessert, “material”

With several years of chocolate, ice cream, lollipops and other sweets phone with great success, and now the LG more young people need to know what cell phone.

At present the application of consumer demand for cell phones had not stop at the call and send messages on. Way to work, more people think of stealing a dish, or winding microblogging; go out, people will think of taking the time to the Internet using a cell phone social networking site to see what my friends on the “new state.” Just one year only from the on-line Sina microblogging published data show that 36.6% of users are already logged Sina microblogging cell phone, with the development of mobile Internet, this proportion is expected to further improve. The end of 2010, China Internet microblogging total number of active registered accounts will exceed 65 million. It is precisely because the people demand of mobile Internet applications, more and more social applications, you need to migrate to the mobile terminal.

These changes in user habits LG cell phone has also been closely watched. In the first half of this year, LG phone had a built-in test launch of a rich water-based SNS client’s Social phones – GS500v. It is worth mentioning that this product is domestic first pre-Sina microblogging client for cell phones. It undoubtedly contributed to the listing of this emerging network microblogging personal publishing platform, the process of moving. mobile phone jammer uses the backflow welder machining.

As LG Electronics Mobile Communications in China Ren Weiguang, vice president of dialogue in the high-end mobile Internet forum said, “SNS’s mobile technology is an inevitable trend.” In response to this trend, the LG is to all networks, happy, Sina microblogging, QQ, MSN, and even Taobao client on the currently most enthusiastic young people, all network applications include the latest release of the sweet new series of “cookies” (T310/T320/T300) and “social group” ( GT350/C300), 5 phone models. In addition to a wealth of SNS social networking features, the phone also has five panda reading, vocabulary and other cell phone applications, make phone turns into a study of young people to work right-hand man. LG’s sweet for these stylish cell phone, can be said to add a little of the “inner material.”

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