Cell phones are among the really ideal technological advances of our occasions. In merely a few of years they have gone from being huge clunkers that you virtually required to carry in a backpack, to thin line equipment that you can virtually fit into your wallet.

Cell phones nowadays do over really create calls; you are able to send images, organize your calendar and to-do lists, surf the web, play games, hear to music and take images – in actual fact everything to do on a house PC and more! With numerous hi tech varieties available, it’s convenient to receive lost in technical jargon. In this particular article we are going to take a consider a some of the normal terms that you might encounter.


Bluetooth is a method that phones connect wirelessly to alternative equipment. This really is a very well-known feature and is extremely valuable to connect to a wireless headset or auto kit, or another telephone to transfer files.

MP3 player

Many phones have integrated MP3 players. MP3 is a file formatting which enables music to be compressed, to fit more on your telephone. Phones that play MP3s usually have a paid download service to receive more tunes on your telephone.


The resolution of the digital camera is calculated in megapixels, usually abbreviated to mp. 1 mp is equal to 1 million pixels, and 1 pixel is regarded as the tiny dots that create up a digital image. Be aware that big megapixel counts are not constantly a superior thing – cramming more resolution into a little camera sensor will decrease pic standard. 3-6mp is possibly plenty for typical telephone camera utilize.


GPS, or Global Positioning System is a way that phones employ to find where the telephone is found found on the world. This allows the utilization of some wonderful mapping software for navigation.

You might normally discover that accessories you want like mobile chargers and headsets are included with any unique telephone. However an optional additional that assists citizens of remote regions is a cellular phone antenna booster. These boost the signal of the telephone, thus provide 1 a try in the event you are having trouble with dropped calls.