Green lifestyle is the new way of living nowadays; people who are turning green helps reduce carbon emissions by using energy efficient appliances. They also do their best to reduce waste by recycling and reusing their things. Mark Spellun a media entrepreneur who encourages green lifestyles in his magazine believe that living green is the way to live sustainably. Mark Spellun’s visions is to let the world know about our environment and the same time let them know that it is also exciting to save the planet.

There are ways to have a green lifestyle. It can be easy and inexpensive but if one really wants to be all green it can also be expensive. It depends on what you can give and sacrifice for the sake of a better environment. Living green is basically saving one’s energy consumption, like turning off unused appliances and using compact energy bulbs. Having energy saver gadgets can really go along way too. Conserving fuels or using hybrid cars that use biofuels are also a way to reduce carbon emissions but if one really does not want to produce carbon, a bike is recommended, aside from being healthier it does not produce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses and it does not need any form of fuel and is very inexpensive. Using alternative sources of energy is the new trend of living nowadays; houses are built with clean technology. Some houses uses solar panels or wind energy to use as their source of power or electricity in this way sustainability is attained. Mark Spellun sees this as the future of green living.

People who promote green lifestyles are also keen in using reusable stuff, they are creative and innovative.

New things are not always better; one has to be creative in order to lessen waste production. Using reusable containers for food are encouraged than using disposable ones. Going paperless if possible is better since they are made from trees. But the best way to help in reducing carbon emissions is by planting trees, trees stock carbon and uses it for its metabolism. But if it is not possible planting ones backyard can also help but remember not to use any form of chemical fertilizers, going organic is more sustainable aside from being healthier. Using conventional fertilizer like animal dung and decaying plant litter is better than chemical fertilizers.

When shopping, bring a bag so that using paper bags or plastics are reduced. There are many ways to live green and protect the environment without sacrificing the comfort of living. Sharing tips and teaching others to preserve our environment can really go a long way. If everyone can live green, sustainability and management of resources will not be a problem anymore. Everyday should be an opportunity to save the planet and protecting the environment is an everyday struggle. The environment cannot restore itself immediately with people using it continuously. People need the natural resources then it is a prerequisite for humans to pay back what nature has given them.

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